What is a loan of honor? How to insure it?

To pamper self-entrepreneurs and young start-up executives to realize their business creation or takeover projects, that’s the lending of honor . To judiciously solicit the expertise of a broker, that’s the good financial management of a company. Because the loan insurance broker saves time and money with proposals that are better adapted and personalized than those of an online comparator.

Everything is played on trust


The loan of honor is granted to a person (the creator or the buyer) and not to the company, without guarantee or personal guarantee. In return, the borrower undertakes to repay on loan his loan over a period of two to five years. The broker follows all current promotions of insurance companies. He controls and negotiates prices as closely as possible.

Everything becomes facilitation


The loan of honor makes it easy to obtain a bank loan from the bank. For example, for 1 euro of loan of honor, the banks grant on average 7.5 euros of complementary financing.

The broker facilitates the freedom of choice of a loan insurance even better than it is below the insurance proposals of banks and insurance companies.

Finally, the commercial approach is also facilitated. Indeed, in the eyes of suppliers and future customers, the company having obtained a loan of honor becomes more credible once the file has been presented before a jury of professionals.

What is a loan of honor?


The loan of honor is a financial aid for all those who want to embark on the creation (or the recovery) of a company, without having a real personal financial contribution. It is a strength of support to consolidate its own funds and to leave more solid and conquering (e) to the discovery of the new markets.

The loan of honor can be “initiative” or “growth”. After three to six years of activity, the entrepreneur who may or may not have a loan of honor at start-up may need to reinforce his own funds.

Its amount is on average around 8500, – €. Its rate is generally at the 0 rate.